The Mountain Men of ACTS Lakeway


ACTS Church Lakeway Mountain Men

ACTS Church Lakeway has an amazing group of volunteers that are called the ‘Mountain Men.’ This group has donated their time and skills to care for our Mountain Top facility. Between general maintenance, changing lights, repairing carpeting, and everything else you can think of, they do an incredible job.

Recently this group has begun to use those same gifts and care in assistance of those in our community. After a meeting with our friends at Partners in Hope, they have begun to also provide basic repairs and assistance for the homes of several of our neighbors that have found themselves in need of some help.

 One specific project they have been working on is to assist a woman in the Apache Shores neighborhood with considerable water damage to her house. This project, when completed, will include some plumbing repair, replacement of damaged siding and flooring, and much needed yard work and debris removal.

 We are incredibly thankful and proud of the work they are doing on our property and in the community all for the glory of God.