Loved + Sent

ACTS Church Lakeline deeply believes that we are loved by God and sent by God.

A powerful truth that not only sums up our purpose, but reminds us time and time again of our true identity.
As a church located in a vibrant, yet transient city, we have welcomed many people into our church all the while sending many of them onto new cities and adventures.

It is a bittersweet celebration to send someone from your community.

Although we say goodbye for now, we know each person we send is being sent to bring the hope of the Gospel to wherever it is they are going.

Barrett Grebing, Pastor of ACTS Church Lakeline says that “wherever your feet are is where you are sent to.” And this is why we can celebrate the sending of someone from our church.

In the past two years, ACTS Church Lakeline has sent people to California, Dallas, Idaho, and even other pockets of Austin.

Earlier this month we sent Sarah Cook from Austin to Orlando, Florida, where she will be working at Arnold Palmer Hospital, finishing her Child Life Internship. Over the next 16 weeks Sarah will be strengthening her skills in order to advocate for children and families when they arrive at the hospital.

Sarah didn’t leave.
She was sent.

The difference between the two words points us back to our identity and purpose. The weight of the word, "sent," changes not only how we go, but also how we arrive.

She was sent by a community that loves and cares for her.
She was sent by a church that prays for her as she ventures onward.
She was sent by a group of people that considers her family.

We are sent with confidence.
We are sent with truth.
We are sent with hope.
We are sent with the power of the Holy Spirit.

And in fact, You are sent each and everyday to the lives of those around you as a result of the tremendous love that we receive from God.

How will you embrace your “loved” and “sent” identity today?

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