Brush & Pen

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This May, ACTS Church Lakeline gathered together at the home of Deb and Steve Otto for Brush & Pen. The concept for Brush & Pen developed out of Deb’s desire to give away some of her beautiful artwork. She invited Tanner Olson, writer and poet of Acts Church Lakeline, to share some poems throughout the evening as well.

On a Tuesday night in North Austin, the Acts Church Lakeline community joined with neighbors and friends to eat tacos, share conversation, and enjoy art. The Ottos’ house was filled with smiling familiar and new faces.

Because they were invited.

It is easy for us to overthink community, isn’t it?

But what if we simply took what we loved, or the gifts God gave us, or tacos, and invited our neighbors to come and be with us?

Maybe it is that easy.

Maybe it is that simple.

After all, aren’t people looking for pockets and places where they can come and simply be?

What could you do to create community in your neighborhood this summer?

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To learn more about Deb Ott’s art visit
To learn more about Tanner Olson’s writing visit

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