10 Years!


This year the ACTS Church Network is joyfully celebrating our 10th anniversary! Whether you’ve been with the ACTS Network for 10 years or for less than a year, it is hard to deny that God is up to something.

But, if we are being honest, God has always been and always will be up to something.

Over these last 10 years we have seen how God has worked through His church, bringing more people to know the love of Jesus and being moved by the power of the Gospel. We have seen individuals and families forever changed, new adventures started, communities transformed, and countless people sent to do good and spread hope.

God has woven His story through each of us and these are stories worth capturing. 

Sunday after Sunday we gather to tell the same story a different way: God sent His Son Jesus to die so we might have everlasting life.

And it is this one story that changes our story.

And those are the stories we want to tell as a Church Network. With the launch of our brand new website, actschurchnetwork.com, we will begin to tell the stories that are happening within and around the ACTS Churches.

We want to know where and how adventure, community, transformation, and sending is happening and share these powerful stories with you.

Throughout the last 10 years God has been doing something very special in the Austin area and we believe He is going to continue to do something more in these next 10 years. As we take a step into the next decade, we want to move forward together.
We are excited to announce that on September 15th all four ACTS Churches will be gathering at Brazos Hall in downtown Austin for an All ACTS Church Network worship gathering.

Is there a better way to celebrate our 10th year as a network than by gathering together to worship the One who forever changed our story?

See you there!